Snowmen Spelling 'Snow' Pillow

By New World | Item #: NW640050
Snowmen Spelling 'Snow' Pillow

Snowmen Spelling 'Snow' Pillow

By New World | Item #: NW640050
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  • Size: 14x9"
  • Material: Hand Stitched Wool Felt

Big letters spelling out the word "Snow" are hand stitched onto this felt pillow, along with five snowmen that accompany the letters. Each of the snowmen are felt appliqué, with felt stocking caps, and hand beading or hand sewn buttons represent the coal buttons of a real snowman.

As the winter chill ushers in the season of joy, the Snowmen Spelling 'Snow' Pillow brings the whimsy of a snowy day indoors. This 14x19 inch holiday decoration is a hand-stitched canvas of merriment, featuring wool felt figures that bring the word ""Snow"" to life. Each element of this pillow is a testament to the tradition of handcrafting, with stitches that hold not just the fabric but also the spirit of the holiday season.

The pillow's backdrop is a rich, ebony felt, against which the word ""Snow"" is emblazoned in big, bold letters, each one carefully stitched to create a stand-out effect. Accompanying each letter are five jolly snowmen, crafted from soft felt appliqué. These cheerful companions are decked out in vibrant stocking caps, with hand-sewn buttons and beading that glisten like the coal buttons on a real snowman's front.

The snowmen, with their friendly smiles and colorful attire, seem to dance across the pillow, inviting onlookers to revel in the joy of the winter wonderland they inhabit. This pillow is a soft addition to your holiday decor and a piece of the festive puzzle that completes your home's transformation into a winter retreat. It's the perfect gift for someone who delights in the season's simple pleasures or as a heartwarming addition to your own collection of holiday treasures.

Envision this pillow on your favorite couch or welcoming guests in the entryway; its presence is a beacon of the holiday spirit, a cuddly prompt to pause and appreciate the playful side of winter. Let this Snowmen Spelling 'Snow' Pillow be a part of your holiday tradition, a fabric reminder of snowflakes, sleigh bells, and the laughter of building a snowman under a winter sky.

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