Patriotic Feather Trees & Skirts

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    Ivory Feather Tree In Urn
    Ivory Feather Tree In Urn
    Material: Goose Feathers & Resin Base
    Size: 26" Tall, 15" Wide
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    Patriotic Tree Skirt
    Patriotic Tree Skirt
    Material: Handstitched Felt
    Size: 16"
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    A truly great way to display your antique, vintage or vintage styled patriotic ornaments is on a feather tree! Feather trees were first created in Germany in the 1880 or 1890's and are regarded as one of the first artificial types of trees used for hanging ornaments. Today feather trees are valued as a collectible and a perfect way to decorate your home with a more Victorian or vintage feeling. We love feather trees because they have a wide spacing between branches and they really show off your ornaments, embellished with hanging bead garlands you have a truly gorgeous display! It is always nice to cover the base of your feather tree in a tree skirt or piece of patriotic fabric just to complete the look!

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