Victorian Ornaments & Decor

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    Fleur de Lis Ornament
    #3924570 | Introduced 2019
    Fleur de Lis Ornament
    Material: Mercury Glass, Rhinestones & Glitter
    Size: 5.5x3.5x1”
    Petit Four Ornaments Set/4
    #KC649006 | Introduced 2017
    Petit Four Ornaments Set/4
    Material: Glass & Glitter
    Size: 1.5x1.5"

    In history, the Victorian era lasted in the United Kingdom during the period of Queen Victoria’s reign, from June 20, 1837 until her death January 22, 1901. It was a prosperous time in history and many things like the telephone were invented during this period. Victorian fashion is renowned for its bonnets, top hats, corsets, bustles and petticoats. Fans of the Victorian style decorated their homes with lots of fresh evergreens as well as lots of ornaments and trim embellished with beads, tinsel, paper and jewels. We have many ornaments at Traditions that follow in the Victorian theme, all of them glittery, sparkly and embellished with lots of trim!

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