Thanksgiving Lighted Decor

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    #SS2695750 | Introduced 2023
    Lighted Flower Cutout Pumpkins Set/2
    Material: Resin & LED Lights
    Size: 6.5x5x5" & 6x6x5.5"
    Lighted Harvest Leaf & Berry Garland
    #SS2595110 | Introduced 2021
    Lighted Harvest Leaf & Berry Garland
    Material: Fabric, Wire & LED Lights
    Size: 72x6"
    Light Up Turkey Cut Out Word Decor
    Light Up Turkey Cut Out Word Decor
    #TPTH00485 | Introduced 2022
    Light Up Turkey Cut Out Word Decor
    Material: Resin & Lights
    Size: 7x7x7"
    Mini Fall Leaf Wire Lights
    #PK29308 | Introduced 2017
    Mini Fall Leaf Wire Lights
    Material: Light Strand
    Size: 42" long, 20 Lights

    Illuminate the harvest season which the enchanting allure of our captivating collection of Thanksgiving Lighted Decor. Infuse your living spaces with the warm and inviting tones of fall, now aglow with a captivating luminance.

    Our assortment features a delightful array of illuminated pieces that bring the magic of the harvest season to life. From illuminated maple leaf trees that radiate with a gentle and inviting light to intricately designed Harvest lanterns adorned with scenes of autumnal splendor, these decor items become more than just decorations; they become cherished centerpieces that define the spirit of Thanksgiving.

    Imagine the welcoming sight of our larger fall trees adorning your doorstep, creating a festive ambiance that greets your guests with a warm embrace. Illuminate your covered patio or porch with their inviting glow, infusing the surroundings with the essence of autumn.

    Our lighted lanterns are nothing short of spectacular, transforming any shelf or tabletop into a captivating focal point. With their soft illumination, these lanterns need no additional embellishments to captivate your gaze and create an inviting atmosphere.

    At Traditions, we understand the power of light to enhance the beauty of the season. Our Thanksgiving Lighted Decor is designed to evoke the comforting and nostalgic feelings associated with this special time of year. Let the warm radiance of our illuminated pieces become the heartwarming backdrop for your Thanksgiving celebrations, and relish in the inviting charm they bring to your home.

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