Haunted Memories Changing Halloween Portraits

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    Uncle Silas Haunted Memories Changing Photo
    Uncle Silas Haunted Memories Changing Photo
    Material: Framed Changing Photo
    Size: 5x7"

    For those of you who have been to the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, you will be familiar with the photos that hang on the walls that "change" as you walk past. These Haunted Memories changing portraits, created from actual photos by the artist Edward Allen, are so delightfully spooky. Not willing to reveal his secrets about how they are created, he will say that these portraits are fun, scary and creepy, and definitely deserve a home in your own Haunted Mansion! The portraits change depending on your perspective, so if you are standing still, they look 'normal'. When you walk past them from either direction you will see that perfectly normal image turn into something scary, hideous or frightening! Whether they transform into creatures of the night (like Vampires) or macabre apparitions, the effects are fabulous and worth adding to your collection. They require nothing but a frame or display them unframed in a display cabinet. They look truly gruesome sitting atop a mantel like you would display your family photos, and won't your unsuspecting guests be surprised when they walk past and see what cute Little Luna or Aunt Tilly turn into! WE JUST LOVE THESE!

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