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    Vincent Skullgrave
    Vincent Skullgrave
    #LA9247 | Introduced 2020
    Vincent Skullgrave
    Material: Hand Painted Resin, Ribbon & Wire
    Size: 10.5x2.5x1.75"
    Hazel Figure
    Hazel Figure
    #XFGS76327 | Introduced 2021
    Hazel Figure
    Material: Stuffed Fabric, Felt & Cotton
    Size: 36x13x5.5"
    Kitty Bucket Head
    Kitty Bucket Head
    #TJ1295 | Introduced 2022
    Kitty Bucket Head
    Material: Paper Mache, Crepe Paper & Wire
    Size: 5.25x3x2.25"
    #TD2227 | Introduced 2023
    Moth Skull
    Material: Hand Painted Resin, Paper, MDF & Glitter
    Size: 11x7x6.5"
    #TPTH00971 | Introduced 2023
    Vintage Halloween Character Figures Set/3
    Material: Resin
    Size: Approx. 3x1.5x1" each
    #PK116294 | Introduced 2023
    Mummy Chunky Sitter
    Material: Wood, Linen & Wire
    Size: 6.75x5x.75"
    #PK116298 | Introduced 2023
    Owl Chunky Sitter
    Material: Wood & Wire
    Size: 7.5x5.5x.75"
    #PK116297 | Introduced 2023
    Pumpkin Jack Chunky Sitter
    Material: Wood, Metal & Wire
    Size: 6.5x6x1"
    #DD29486 | Introduced 2023
    Witch Girl Holding Pumpkin
    Material: Hand-Painted Resin
    Size: 18x9"
    #CCOCF3771c | Introduced 2023
    Wool Felt Dog In Candy Corn Costume
    Material: Wool & Felt
    Size: 5.5x3x1.75"
    #SS2688050c | Introduced 2023
    Black Cat Halloween Shelf Sitter
    Material: Resin, Metal & Tulle
    Size: 12x5x3.25"
    #SS2689240 | Introduced 2023
    Halloween Ghost Couple Holding Pumpkin Figure
    Material: Resin
    Size: 5x3.5x2.25"
    #PK116295 | Introduced 2023
    Skeleton Chunky Sitter
    Material: Wood
    Size: 6x3x.75"
    #PK114747 | Introduced 2023
    I Put A Spell On You Butterflies Block Sign
    Material: Wood & Paper
    Size: 5.75x3.5x1"
    #SS2695200 | Introduced 2023
    Glow In The Dark Posable Jointed Skeleton
    Material: Plastic
    Size: 36x9x4", 40" Tall W/Hanger
    #SS2689250 | Introduced 2023
    Halloween Ghost Figures Set/2
    Material: Resin
    Size: Approx. 3.5x2.5" each
    #TPTH00399 | Introduced 2023
    Harvest Scarecrow Couple Set/2
    Material: Resin
    Size: 6.5x2.25" & 5.75x2.75"
    #TPTH01157 | Introduced 2023
    Three Stylish Walking Witches Figure
    Material: Resin & Glitter
    Size: 9.75x9x5"
    #CCOCF3771m | Introduced 2023
    Wool Felt Dog In Mummy Costume
    Material: Wool & Felt
    Size: 5x4x2"
    #SS2695820 | Introduced 2023
    Halloween Neon Colored Skulls Set/3
    Material: Resin & Flocking
    Size: 4x3.5x3" each
    Armand Figure
    Armand Figure
    #XFGS76321 | Introduced 2021
    Armand Figure
    Material: Stuffed Fabric, Fabric & Ribbon
    Size: 48x15x8"

    If there's one form of tribute that truly honors the creative spirits of yesteryears, it's the enduring allure of vintage-inspired figural decor and imagery. The artists of bygone eras must surely delight in the fact that their enchanting creations continue to captivate collectors and decorators alike. The virtual treasure trove of imagery from the turn of the century has become the wellspring of inspiration for modern artisans such as Bethany Lowe, Dee Foust-Harvey, Beistle, Christopher James, and Rachel Garrison, each weaving their own imaginative tapestries.

    Yet, the spectrum of creativity in the realm of holiday collectibles is as broad as the artists who contribute to it. A vibrant array of contemporary folk artists infuse their unique visions into the craft, leaving indelible marks on the landscape. The artistry of Johanna Parker, Glitterville, Joe Spencer, Heather Myers, Katherine's Collection, Lori Mitchell, and countless others shapes the face of holiday decor today.

    For aficionados of vintage aesthetics seeking a slice of nostalgia without the soaring price tags, these reproductions offer an accessible means to adorn spaces with buckets, lanterns, dolls, folk art, signs, and figures reminiscent of the 1920s Halloween ambiance, a time when the holiday carried a mature air of celebration.

    Traditions stands as a haven for those seeking the allure of these vintage-inspired gems. With over six decades of personal collecting experience, we've amassed a curated collection of Halloween figures and decor that boasts both variety and expertise. Our commitment to offering a wide array of options is matched only by our dedication to providing exceptional service and insights. If queries arise about any piece we offer, rest assured that answers are a mere inquiry away. Dive into the realm of enchantment and discovery with Traditions by your side.

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