Patriotic Tree Toppers

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    Patriotic Star Tree Topper
    Patriotic Star Tree Topper
    Material: Paper, Tin, Glitter & Metal
    Size: 6x5x1.25"
    America The Beautiful Tree Topper
    America The Beautiful Tree Topper
    Material: Tin, Paper, Tinsel, Wire & Glitter
    Size: 6.25x5x1.5"

    Just like a tree skirt finishing the base of the tree, a tree topper or finial can also complete the look of your patriotic feather or ornament decorated tree! You can use all kinds of things to top your tree, the traditional glass finial being the norm but we also have really fun party hats with vintage images embellished with crepe and glitter to add a truly festive, vintage feel to your tree.

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