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    Vincent Skullgrave
    Vincent Skullgrave
    #LA9247 | Introduced 2020
    Vincent Skullgrave
    Material: Hand Painted Resin, Ribbon & Wire
    Size: 10.5x2.5x1.75"
    Scaredy Cat Ghoul
    Scaredy Cat Ghoul
    #TJ3148 | Introduced 2022
    Scaredy Cat Ghoul
    Material: Fabric, Crepe & Papier Mâché
    Size: 26x11"
    #SS2695750 | Introduced 2023
    Lighted Flower Cutout Pumpkins Set/2
    Material: Resin & LED Lights
    Size: 6.5x5x5" & 6x6x5.5"
    #TPTH00971 | Introduced 2023
    Vintage Halloween Character Figures Set/3
    Material: Resin
    Size: Approx. 3x1.5x1" each
    #CCOXS3528 | Introduced 2023
    Boxed Black Unscented Owl Taper Candles Set/2
    Material: Wax
    Size: 6x1.5" each
    #TPJ9266w | Introduced 2023
    "Witch Switch" Straw Broom Sign
    Material: MDF, Straw & Ribbon
    Size: 12x4x4"
    #PK116294 | Introduced 2023
    Mummy Chunky Sitter
    Material: Wood, Linen & Wire
    Size: 6.75x5x.75"
    #PK116298 | Introduced 2023
    Owl Chunky Sitter
    Material: Wood & Wire
    Size: 7.5x5.5x.75"
    #PK116297 | Introduced 2023
    Pumpkin Jack Chunky Sitter
    Material: Wood, Metal & Wire
    Size: 6.5x6x1"
    #SS2696470 | Introduced 2023
    Lighted Candy Corn Black Tree
    Material: LED Lights, Plastic & Wire
    Size: 32x16"
    #GVEM2353 | Introduced 2023
    Light Up White Wax Candle Cluster
    Material: Wax, Plastic & LED Lights
    Size: 7x4x4"
    #SS2700270 | Introduced 2023
    Orange Lighted Black Bat Garland
    Material: LED LIghts, Wire & Felt
    Size: 6ft, 3.5" Bats
    Sold Out
    #PK113688 | Introduced 2023
    Black Cat Witch Block Sign
    Material: Wood
    Size: 6x4x1"
    Notify Me
    #PK113679 | Introduced 2023
    Pumpkins On Porch Steps Block Sign
    Material: Wood
    Size: 5x4x1"
    #CCOCF3771c | Introduced 2023
    Wool Felt Dog In Candy Corn Costume
    Material: Wool & Felt
    Size: 5.5x3x1.75"
    #SS2688050c | Introduced 2023
    Black Cat Halloween Shelf Sitter
    Material: Resin, Metal & Tulle
    Size: 12x5x3.25"
    #SS2689240 | Introduced 2023
    Halloween Ghost Couple Holding Pumpkin Figure
    Material: Resin
    Size: 5x3.5x2.25"
    #PK116295 | Introduced 2023
    Skeleton Chunky Sitter
    Material: Wood
    Size: 6x3x.75"
    #TPJ7299 | Introduced 2023
    Stitch Pumpkin Figures Set/3
    Material: Resin
    Size: Approx. 4x2" each
    #PK114747 | Introduced 2023
    I Put A Spell On You Butterflies Block Sign
    Material: Wood & Paper
    Size: 5.75x3.5x1"
    #TPTH00806 | Introduced 2023
    Mini Light Up Pedestal Pumpkins Set/3
    Material: Resin & LED Lights
    Size: Approx. 5x2" Each
    #SS2688150 | Introduced 2023
    Lighted Flickering Bloody Skull Candelabra
    Material: Plastic, LED Lights
    Size: 13.75x7x4"
    #RZ4202431 | Introduced 2023
    6ft Orange & Black Ball Garland
    Material: Plastic, Glitter & Iron
    Size: 72x3"

    Welcome to Traditions, your ultimate destination for all things Halloween! With nearly 30 years of experience, we've been at the forefront of the Halloween decor scene, witnessing the rise of Halloween as a beloved holiday rivaling Christmas. Recognizing this trend early on, we committed ourselves to curating the most extensive and diverse assortment of Halloween decorations available, both in-store and online through our website.

    At Traditions, we're renowned globally for our unparalleled selection of Halloween decor, offering everything from vintage Halloween collectibles to contemporary ornaments and larger-than-life party displays. Our collection includes an array of paper mache buckets shaped as pumpkins, black cats, witches, skeletons, skulls, and ghouls, capturing the enchanting essence of the holiday.

    Step into our world, and you'll discover an impressive variety of Halloween ornaments that can be showcased on our dedicated black trees, creating a bewitching spectacle. Our indoor decor options extend to meticulously crafted American folk art pieces, a testament to the unique talents of American artisans.

    In search of Halloween dolls, witches, or cats to grace your spaces? We have an exquisite array that adds a touch of spooky charm. Choose from over 100 styles of Halloween pillows that effortlessly infuse the spirit of the season into your home and make for delightful hostess gifts.

    Planning a Halloween soirée? Explore our stunning dinnerware that transforms your table into a hauntingly elegant feast. With a broad range of items encompassing every aspect of Halloween, we're confident that we have something to satisfy every preference and theme.

    Our heirloom-quality pieces ensure that your family's Halloween traditions remain cherished for generations. Whether you're a collector, a decorator, or simply someone who revels in the magic of Halloween, our expansive selection guarantees a hauntingly delightful experience. Feel free to reach out with any questions, and happy decorating!

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