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    Purple Jeweled Cross Ornament
    Purple Jeweled Cross Ornament
    Material: Glass Painted on Inside, Beads, Suede & Applied Metal
    Size: 4x3.25"

    With roots deeply seeded in the southwest, Bette Fraser Day is the creator of these wonderful glass ornaments. Born and raised in New Mexico, as a child she often had opportunities to join in celebrations around bonfires with the Apache Mescalero Indians. She has lived in Texas, and now resides in Tucson Arizona for the better part of 45 years. Her love of the color and beauty of the southwest is the soul of her art. Every piece is a hand-painted and embellished one-of-a-kind glass art, reflecting that color, beauty and tradition.

    Each ornament is ONE-OF-A-KIND, so you and you alone will own the ornament pictured.

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