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    Ghostie Halloween Tree Topper
    Ghostie Halloween Tree Topper
    #JPGHTT-02 | Introduced 2020
    Ghostie Halloween Tree Topper
    Material: Wire, Pressed Paper, Ribbon & Tinsel
    Size: 9.5x6"

    JPD Partners in Craft, by Johanna Parker Design, is a delightful collective of artists and entrepreneurs working together to create specialty decor, all inspired by the whimsy and vintage appeal of Johanna Parker’s folk art. So, enhance your collection with the world of creativity and collaboration that the Johanna Parker Partners in Craft (JPD Partners in Craft) bring. This extraordinary initiative by Johanna Parker Design brings together a collective of talented artists and entrepreneurs who draw inspiration from Johanna Parker's whimsical and vintage folk art to craft specialty decor that captivates the heart.

    Each collaboration within the JPD Partners in Craft program showcases the unique talents, techniques, and creative mediums of these skilled partners. The common thread that ties them all together is their shared love for Johanna's iconic characters, resulting in a delightful fusion of artistic vision and craftsmanship.

    Traditions is thrilled to present this exclusive line of handmade collectibles crafted by a growing family of makers handpicked by Johanna Parker herself. From retro-style chenille ornaments and figures crafted by Pamela Plant to old-fashioned papier-mache lanterns designed by Rachel Garrison, each piece within this collection exudes a nostalgic charm that harkens back to simpler times.

    What sets these creations apart is the distinct spark of JPD style that permeates every item. It's a unique blend of Johanna's artistic influence and the creative prowess of her collaborators, resulting in pieces that are not only visually captivating but also carry the essence of a shared passion for folk art and vintage aesthetics.

    As the JPD Partners in Craft collective continues to evolve and grow, Traditions invites you to check back regularly for seasonal additions and new creations from this exceptional group of artisans. With each piece, you're invited to explore the wonderful world of collaborative craftsmanship and celebrate the enduring appeal of Johanna Parker's iconic designs.

    Experience the magic of partnership and the beauty of inspired craft with the JPD Partners in Craft – a delightful journey through the artistry and creativity that arises when kindred spirits unite in the name of whimsical decor and collectibles.

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