Santa's Snow Puppets

By Dee Harvey | Item #: ESC81136
Santa's Snow Puppets
Santa's Snow Puppets
Santa's Snow Puppets
Santa's Snow Puppets

Santa's Snow Puppets

By Dee Harvey | Item #: ESC81136
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Product Description
  • Size: 9x8x5.5"
  • Material: Resin, Crepe Paper, Chain & Glitter
  • A Dee Harvey design for ESC & Company

This unique figure by Dee Foust-Harvey, called Santa's Snow Puppets shows Santa in his after hours!

After a long night of delivering gifts to children around the world, Santa Claus found himself sitting on a golden disc, savoring a well-deserved moment of relaxation. The joyous laughter of children echoed in his heart as he watched the twinkling lights of the holiday season dance in the night sky.

But Santa's work was never truly done. Among the many gifts he had brought, a few snowman puppets caught his eye. They were delightful little creations, made with care and love by the elves back at the North Pole.

Feeling a sense of playfulness and wanting to make the most of his downtime, Santa decided to engage in a bit of fun with the snowman puppets. He gently picked them up and began to animate their little snowman bodies, making them dance and twirl in the air like graceful ballerinas.

As Santa enjoyed his snow puppet show, he couldn't help but chuckle at the adorable sight before him. Their little stick arms swirled around, and their carrot noses bobbed merrily to the rhythm of his laughter.

Though he longed for a hot toddy to warm his bones, Santa's heart was warmed by the joy of the holiday season. He decided to make the most of his time, adding a playful touch to his lounging Santa suit. He donned a white tri-corn hat adorned with shimmering silver glittered stars that arched across the front, giving him a touch of magical elegance.

Feeling the spirit of the season in every fiber of his being, Santa even placed a small drum around his neck, just in case he felt inspired to put on a musical performance with his snowman puppets.

As he waited for Mrs. Claus to bring him some hot cocoa, Santa's heart swelled with gratitude and love. The holiday season was a time of joy, generosity, and the celebration of the true spirit of giving.

In that moment, Santa knew that the magic of Christmas was not just about delivering gifts and spreading joy to children all around the world. It was also about finding joy in the simplest of moments, like playing with snowman puppets and reveling in the warmth of love and togetherness.

With a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face, Santa continued to entertain himself and the snowman puppets, feeling grateful for the precious moments that made the holiday season so special. And as the night carried on, he knew that the spirit of Christmas would live on in his heart, bringing joy and happiness to all, long after the last present was unwrapped and the snowman puppets were tucked away for another magical year.

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