World Peace Ornament
World Peace Ornament
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  • Size: 2.75x2x2"
  • Material: Glass & Glitter
  • From Old World Christmas
In a season where wishes take flight, the World Peace Ornament is a globe-spanning dream cradled in the boughs of your Christmas tree. This 2.75-inch tall glass ornament reflects a hope that sits atop countless holiday wish lists: the aspiration for world peace.

Rendered in the rich blues of the planet's vast oceans, this ornament portrays the Earth, dotted with vibrant green continents, symbolizing the nurturing aspect of our world that supports life in all its diversity. Circling the globe are figures in multiple colors, holding hands in a display of unity and goodwill, embodying the connectedness that the Christmas season promotes.

This globe is not a mere geographical representation; it's a vision of harmony, a call across the ages that echoes the deepest desires of humankind. War and conflict have long cast shadows over civilizations, but the quest for peace remains a beacon, guiding toward a future where common ground and understanding triumph over discord.

The World Peace Ornament is a subtle yet powerful reminder of what brings us together during the holidays and beyond. It's a symbol that transcends borders, cultures, and creeds, representing the most positive aspirations of the Christmas season and the shared journey towards concord.

As it hangs gracefully among the twinkling lights and festive garlands, let this ornament inspire conversations about kinship and the actions we can all take to foster serenity in our homes, communities, and across the globe. It's more than a decoration; it's a small, spherical token of hope for a world where the spirit of togetherness prevails, not just during the holidays, but all year round.

Text on Old World Hang Tag:  At the top of so many Christmas wish lists, Santa finds World Peace. Since the beginning of time, war and conflict has plagued the Earth. Finding commonality and peace is the goal of the most positive aspects of the Christmas season.

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