Woodland Santa
Woodland Santa
Woodland Santa
Woodland Santa
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  • Size: 8.25x5x3.25"
  • Material: Resin, PVC & Bells
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company
In the enchanting world of Lori Mitchell's Christmas collection, a figure stands tall, embodying the magic and wonder of the woodland realm. Behold, Woodland Santa, a fine representation of Santa Claus on his forest duty.

Having completed his monumental task of delivering gifts to children all around the world on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus takes a moment to embrace the tranquility of the forest. Dressed in his more casual attire, he dons a charming beige Santa suit, accentuated by a wide black belt that cinches his waist with a touch of elegance. Atop his head sits a Santa hat, its tip adorned with a golden metal bell that jingles with every step he takes.

Woodland Santa's fine green pants gracefully flow, allowing glimpses of his delightful red and white striped socks. By his side, a reindeer and a bunny sit astride the majestic deer, forming a whimsical trio that exudes joy and companionship. Together, they embark on a special mission to bring a forgotten gift to one of Santa's hardworking elves.

This thoughtful gesture speaks to Santa's genuine care for his loyal employees. As he presents the elf with a meticulously crafted birdhouse, he acknowledges the elf's passion for the world of birds and their fascinating ornithology. It is a testament to Santa's ability to understand and nurture the individual interests and hobbies of those who support him in his magical workshop.

Woodland Santa's presence brings a sense of tranquility and harmony to any Christmas display. His calm demeanor and the enchanting creatures by his side create a scene that transports us to the depths of the forest, where the air is filled with whispers of magic and the promise of new beginnings.

So, let Woodland Santa remind us of the importance of cherishing the beauty of nature, the joy of friendship, and the spirit of giving. With his delightful presence, he encapsulates the essence of the Christmas season, infusing our hearts with warmth and wonder.

Display Woodland Santa with pride, and let his gentle spirit guide you through the holiday season and beyond.

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