White Barn House
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  • Size: 13x15x7"
  • Material: Pressed paper, paper pulp, glitter & bottle brush
  • White Electric Cord & C7 bulb Included

Once upon a winter's eve, in a picturesque village nestled among snow-capped hills, stood the enchanting White Barn House. The village folks adored this house, and it was one of their favorite sights during the festive season.

With its glistening white walls and a charming star adorning the main door, the White Barn House exuded warmth and cheer. Wreaths adorned each window, adding a touch of holiday spirit to every corner of the barn. Four beautiful Christmas trees stood tall in front of the barn, decked with sparkling red bead garlands that shimmered in the moonlight.

The village children would gather around the White Barn House, their eyes wide with wonder, as they watched the soft snow drift gently down the A-frame roof, creating a magical winter scene. The barn's roofline was adorned with a delicate layer of faux snow, as if Jack Frost himself had visited in the night.

As darkness fell upon the village, the White Barn House came alive with a warm glow, thanks to the soft illumination from within. The cord that came with the house lit up every window, casting a soft, golden light that spilled onto the snow-covered ground.

The surrounding landscape was transformed into a winter wonderland, with the White Barn House as its centerpiece. The brown picket fence out front added a touch of rustic charm, inviting all who passed by to come closer and bask in its beauty.

The barn was more than just a decoration; it was a symbol of the season's joy and togetherness. Families and friends would gather around, sharing stories and laughter, as they admired the White Barn House and the magic it brought to their village.

As Christmas approached, the villagers would add more festive touches to the barn. Some would hang twinkling lights on the trees, while others would place small figurines of carolers and sleighs nearby, creating a delightful holiday scene.

The White Barn House stood tall and proud, a beacon of light and hope in the winter night. It reminded everyone that amidst the chilly winds and frosty nights, the warmth of love and the joy of the season could always be found.

And so, year after year, the White Barn House continued to be a beloved sight in the village. Whether it stood alone as a striking centerpiece on a mantel or nestled among other houses in a Christmas tree village, it never failed to bring smiles to the faces of all who beheld it.

The White Barn House was more than just a decoration; it was a symbol of the magic of winter and the beauty of the holiday season. And in the hearts of the villagers, it would forever hold a special place, a cherished memory of winter's enchantment and the joy of coming together to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

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