Wedding Collection Boxed Set/6

By Old World Christmas | Item #: 14011
Wedding Collection Boxed Set/6

Wedding Collection Boxed Set/6

By Old World Christmas | Item #: 14011
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  • Size: 1.75" to 4"
  • Material: Glass, Satin Box
  • From Old World Christmas

Dearly beloved, we gather here today not just to witness a union of hearts, but to celebrate the timeless beauty and joy of love—a love that is as enduring as these exquisite treasures in the Wedding Collection Boxed Set by Old World Christmas.

As I stand before you, my dear friends, let me guide you through this divine collection, a testament to the sacred bond of marriage. Picture in your minds the gentle embrace of the Bride and Groom ornaments, their glass figures capturing the essence of two souls intertwined in love's eternal dance.

Ah, but what is a wedding without the solemn grace of a church? Behold, the delicate glass rendering of a place where vows are exchanged, blessings are bestowed, and hearts find their eternal home.

And let us not forget the tender symbols of devotion—the White Heart Pillow bearing the sacred rings, a promise of unity and fidelity; the Pink Bouquet with a White Ribbon, a fragrant expression of love's tender blossoms.

But wait, the melodious peal of the Two White Church Bells draws us closer, their red heart center resonating with the joyous beats of hearts united in holy matrimony.

As we revel in the beauty of these ornaments, let us also reflect on the wholesome traditions of weddings—the gathering of loved ones, the heartfelt vows spoken, and the joyous celebrations that mark the beginning of a new chapter.

So, my dear friends, as you embark on your own journey of love and commitment, may these treasures from Old World Christmas adorn your tree and serve as a timeless reminder of the sacred vows exchanged, the promises kept, and the enduring love that binds your hearts together for all eternity.

Text on Old World hang tag: This delightful Wedding Collection includes six beautiful blown-glass ornaments, each hand-painted & glittered by artisans. Each collection comes packaged in a keepsake box, including a certificate of remembrance to document the wedding day. The set includes: Wedding Bells, Rose Bouquet, Wedding Heart, Bride, Wedding Chapel and Groom. The Wedding Collection makes a wonderful present & a cherished memento.

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