Tomahawk Ornament
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  • Size: 7.25x2x0.5"
  • Material: Wood, Beads & Feathers
  • A Cody Foster design

Add a touch of indigenous spirit to your holiday display with this Tomahawk Ornament. Hanging at 7.25 inches tall, this wood tree ornament marries traditional design with festive flair. Adorned with beads and feathers, it brings a cultural depth to your Christmas decor.

The tomahawk's wooden handle showcases a simple yet striking painted design, reflecting the vibrant colors and patterns associated with Native American art. The metal-look head of the tomahawk is tied to the shaft with a rustic string, giving the ornament an authentic, hand-made feel. Dangling from the handle, delicate beads in red and gold add a subtle sparkle, while the soft feathers provide a contrast in texture and a gentle reminder of nature.

This ornament is not just a decorative item; it's a tribute to the rich heritage of the indigenous peoples of North America. The careful balance of materials and the thoughtful assembly ensure that this piece is not only aesthetically pleasing but also resonant with cultural significance.

Whether hanging from the green boughs of your Christmas tree or displayed as part of a more extensive collection of cultural decor, this Tomahawk Ornament is sure to be a conversation starter. It represents strength and peace, making it a meaningful addition to your seasonal celebration.

This ornament is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of Native American culture or for anyone looking to add a story and character to their holiday decor. It's a poignant piece that honors past traditions while being versatile enough to fit into the modern holiday home.

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