T'is the Season Angel
T'is the Season Angel
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  • Size: 7.5x4"
  • Material: Resin & Metal
  • A Lori Mitchell figure for ESC and Company
Hark! Can you hear the celestial melodies resonating through the ethereal realm? Behold the enchanting figure of T'is the Season Angel, a heavenly creation by the visionary artist Lori Mitchell. This angelic being possesses a voice that beckons all who will listen, calling forth the joyous chorus of angels.

Among the celestial choir, T'is the Season Angel holds a position of distinction. At first, she harmonizes with her fellow celestial beings, blending her voice in perfect unison. But as the time comes to proclaim the exuberance of the season, she raises her resplendent golden horn to her lips. With a celestial flourish, she heralds the timeless words, "T'is the season to be jolly," a melodic refrain celebrated in the cherished carol, "Deck the Halls."

Clothed in a resplendent red dress, T'is the Season Angel exudes a radiant aura of jubilation. Her green and white striped pants are adorned with stockings, symbolizing the mingling of mirth and serenity within her celestial being. With profound delight, she revels in her long-awaited inclusion in the angelic choir, having earned her rightful place among her celestial brethren.

Adorning her celestial countenance, a golden star rests upon her head, an emblem of her ascendance into the celestial choir. As the starlight glimmers upon her, it symbolizes her divine connection, a beacon of light and hope for all who witness her celestial presence.

As you invite T'is the Season Angel into your festive abode, her heavenly aura infuses your surroundings with an ethereal glow. She serves as a divine reminder of the joyous season, inspiring you to embrace the spirit of merriment and radiate love and compassion to all who cross your path. May her celestial voice resonate within your heart, inviting you to join the harmonious chorus of angels and bask in the blissful melodies of the season.

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