Sparkling Glittered Mini Ruscus Sprays Set/2

By Regency International | Item #: MTX63814
Sparkling Glittered Mini Ruscus Sprays Set/2

Sparkling Glittered Mini Ruscus Sprays Set/2

By Regency International | Item #: MTX63814
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  • Size: 29x10x2" each
  • Material: PVC, Wire & Glitter

The Ruscus plants get their association with Christmas from their evergreen leaves and bright red berries. Also called the butcher’s broom because they would be used to clear off and clean butchering blocks, their antibacterial oils also made the blocks safer to use. The Sparkling Glittered Mini Ruscus Sprays give the evergreen plant an extra wintery silver sheen perfect for a silver and gold themed Christmas tree!

Who knew a bit of foliage could dress up for the holidays so well? The Sparkling Glittered Mini Ruscus Sprays Set turns the humble butcher's broom into a shimmering forest fantasy. Each spray in this duo stretches out to an impressive 29 inches, dripping in a wintery silver sheen that's just begging to join your silver and gold themed Christmas tree.

The Ruscus, with its evergreen leaves, usually brings to mind crisp holly with bright red berries, right? It's got that classic Christmas look down. But this set takes it up a notch. Picture the green leaves now dusted with frost, each one catching the light and turning it into a little holiday spectacle. That's what you're getting here—a hint of winter's touch on a hardy plant.

Back in the day, these plants were all about keeping things clean and tidy in the butcher's shop, thanks to their antibacterial oils. Now, they're all dressed up in glitter, ready to make your home sparkle without any of the cleanup. It's nature with a glamorous twist.

Imagine these sprays tucked into the branches of your tree, between the baubles and the lights. Or maybe you'll let them stand out in a vase, making for an elegant and understated holiday statement. Wherever you place them, they’re sure to add a splash of seasonal glam. Give your holiday decor an upgrade this year with these Sparkling Glittered Mini Ruscus Sprays are here to do just that. They're not just decorations; they're winter's foliage turned into festive art for your home. 

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