Silver Jeweled Cross Ornament
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  • Size: 4.75"
  • Material: Glittered Glass
  • From Old World Christmas
This ornament might just be the crown jewel of your Christmas tree, with its rich symbolism and vibrant design. As the universal sign of faith and redemption, the cross carries a message of hope and everlasting love. This particular piece captures the essence of celebration and reverence with its glittering silhouette and vibrant jewels that adorn the arms of the cross.

Standing at 4.75 inches, the Silver Jeweled Cross Ornament combines the timeless elegance of a classic Christmas decoration with the deep-rooted significance of spiritual tradition. The golden center shines brilliantly, surrounded by a glittering silver border, while the red, orange, and purple gems add a touch of royal splendor, resembling the historic treasures of church and faith.

The presence of this ornament on your tree serves as a twinkling reminder of the reason for the season. It's a way to incorporate the spiritual into your holiday decor, celebrating not just with festive cheer but with a moment of reflection on the profound narrative that has been at the heart of so many Christmases past.

For those who hold the story of Christ close to their hearts, this ornament is more than just decoration. It's a symbol of the greatest gift ever given, shining amongst the branches as a beacon of the love and sacrifice that is central to the holiday spirit. It's an affirmation of faith that glows just as brightly as the lights on the tree, bringing an additional layer of meaning to your festive celebrations.

Text on Old World hang tag: The Cross is the most profound and enduring symbol of Christianity. A jeweled silver outline brings an ornate design to this gold cross, with red jewels at each end of the cross. Bringing faith to many, the cross is used to celebrate Jesus' life as well as a reminder for his sacrifice for man's salvation. 

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