Scarecrows in Corn Cob Car

By Gerson Companies | Item #: SS2484800
Scarecrows in Corn Cob Car
Scarecrows in Corn Cob Car

Scarecrows in Corn Cob Car

By Gerson Companies | Item #: SS2484800
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  • Size: 9x6x4"
  • Material: Hand Painted Resin
  • Year Introduced: 2019

Whoo hoo, let the autumn adventures begin!  Hey there, folks! It's that magical time again – the leaves are swirling, the air is crisp, and us scarecrows are up to some autumn antics. The Scarecrows in Corn Cob Car are back and ready to roll with the fall breeze!

Picture this: a scenic countryside, fields of golden corn rustling in the wind, and two jolly scarecrows perched right in the heart of a gigantic ear of corn. Yep, you heard that right – it's our very own corn cob car, custom-carved for maximum comfort. We take pride in selecting the plumpest, most eye-catching corn around, and trust me, squeezing both of us in there is no small feat!

We believe in going all out, and those pumpkin wheels? Oh boy, they're not just for show. They spin and twirl like a whimsical dance, as we cruise through the fields, laughing all the way. This year, we've got a new friend in tow – a mischievous squirrel who hopped on board for the ride of a lifetime. Talk about an adventure!

We've got our straw hats tipped just right, and our grins are as wide as the horizon. We're on a mission to bring joy, laughter, and a touch of that good ol' harvest spirit straight to your home. Whether we're parked on your porch or gracing your garden, the Scarecrows in Corn Cob Car are here to spread fall cheer and warm your hearts.

So, when you see us rollin' by with our squirrel pal tagging along, give us a wave and a holler – after all, it's fall, and we're ready to have a corn-tastic time!

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