Red Glittered Santa With Wreath

By Glitterville | Item #: GVNF0637w
Red Glittered Santa With Wreath
Red Glittered Santa With Wreath
Red Glittered Santa With Wreath

Red Glittered Santa With Wreath

By Glitterville | Item #: GVNF0637w
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  • Size: 8x5x4"
  • Material: Resin, Bottle Brush, Beads & Glitter
Get ready to infuse your holiday decor with a burst of festive cheer, the Red Glittered Santa With Wreath will do just the thing. This Christmas decoration features an 8-inch-tall resin Santa Claus figure that's sure to become a standout piece in your holiday display.

Santa, bedecked in a glittering red and white coat, exudes the very essence of the season. Clutched in his hands is a frosty bottle brush wreath, bedecked with vibrant, festive ornaments, an inviting gesture to immerse yourself in the joyous traditions of Christmas. Leaning forward with a hint of merriment, he appears to be offering the frost wreath as a gift.

The resplendent crimson coat and the glistening wreath capture and refract the light, infusing your holiday decor with an effervescent and jubilant spirit. This figure transcends mere decoration; it embodies the vivacity and benevolence that the holiday season epitomizes.

Position the Red Glittered Santa With Wreath prominently in your abode, whether it graces your mantel, presides over a tabletop, or commands attention as the focal point of your festive centerpiece. Its cheerful presence promises an immediate lift in your holiday mood, spreading mirth and merriment.

Celebrate Christmas with this jovial Santa figure, and let it weave itself into the tapestry of your cherished holiday traditions. Welcome a wave of festive spirit into your home this season with the Red Glittered Santa With Wreath, and embrace the jubilation of giving and celebration that defines this cherished time of year.

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