Raspberry Petit Fours Ornament

By Inge Glas of Germany | Item #: IN107120r
Raspberry Petit Fours Ornament

Raspberry Petit Fours Ornament

By Inge Glas of Germany | Item #: IN107120r
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Product Description
  • Size: 2x2"
  • Material: Glass, Crepe Paper & Glitter
  • A German hand blown glass ornament by Inge-Glas

The robust red fondant color of this Raspberry Petit Fours Ornament makes our mouths water imagining the sweet and tart flavor of fresh raspberries. Place this ornament alongside other mouthwatering treat ornaments on a dessert theme feather tree to get you in the mood for some Christmas baking!

Drizzle your Christmas tree with some summertime sweetness with the "Raspberry Petit Fours Ornament," a luscious addition from the renowned craftspeople at Inge-Glas. This German hand-blown glass ornament infuses your holiday decor with the vibrant, juicy essence of raspberry confections, all encased within a radiant pink and red glaze that's just begging to be admired.

This two-inch gem is a masterpiece of dessert imitation, shaped and colored to resemble the irresistible allure of a raspberry petit four. A lattice of creamy, custard-colored lines crisscrosses the ornament, resembling the delicate piped icing on the most delectable of tiny cakes.

So true to life is this ornament, with its glossy finish and confectionery design, that it may just tempt those with a sweet tooth to take a closer look. It's the perfect piece to hang among the greenery of a festive tree or to gift to someone whose baking skills are the highlight of every holiday gathering.

Beneath the warm glow of holiday lighting, this ornament captures the essence of a raspberry treat, sparkling with a cheerful brilliance. It adds a burst of berry brightness to your tree, offering a lively contrast to the traditional colors often found in holiday ornaments.

For those who delight in the rich flavors that the holiday season brings, or for anyone desiring to sprinkle their fir with a bit of berry-inspired charm, this Raspberry Petit Fours Ornament is a splendid choice. It stands not just as a decoration but as a beacon of the lush, sweet moments that we relish during the festive months.

Hang this ornament proudly, and let it serve as a sweet symbol of the joyous times spent in good company, the laughter shared over plates of festive treats, and the warm memories that are baked into every moment of the holidays. It's a tribute to the vibrant celebrations that brighten our lives year after year.

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