Pumpkin Patches

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC14476
Pumpkin Patches
Pumpkin Patches
Pumpkin Patches
Pumpkin Patches

Pumpkin Patches

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC14476
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Product Description
  • Size: 7.25x3.5x2"
  • Material: Resin
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company
This little kid is not fond of all the spooky things that are associated with Halloween, so no ghost, ghouls or warlock costumes for him!  But he does love the Fall and pumpkins, as a result he convinced his mom to help him create a fun, carved pumpkin face jumpsuit, which he is wearing over his favorite orange and white long underwear!  To finish the costume, Pumpkin Patches, a figure by Lori Mitchell for ESC and Company added a crowning achievement to his head gear, a hat that looks just like a hallowed out pumpkin, complete with its stem and leaf!  Pumpkin Patches is really not even fond of trick or treating, so instead of a candy bucket he is carrying a jack-o-lantern on a stick, while he goes out with his friends on All Hallows Eve.  There are just so many Halloween trick or treat figures from Lori Mitchell, that you could put groupings all over your home!
We love to create stories surrounding Lori Mitchell figures, so here is Pumpkin Patches story:  In the quaint town of Maplewood, there lived a young boy named Tommy who had a different perspective on Halloween. While his friends eagerly anticipated the spooky costumes and frightful decorations, Tommy preferred the joyful essence of the fall season and the charm of pumpkins.

Determined to celebrate Halloween in his own unique way, Tommy decided to create a costume that reflected his love for pumpkins. With the help of his mom, he transformed a plain jumpsuit into a work of art. They carefully carved a friendly pumpkin face on the front, capturing the essence of autumn's favorite symbol.

Excitedly, Tommy put on his favorite orange and white long underwear and slipped into the pumpkin face jumpsuit. But there was still something missing. That's when he discovered Pumpkin Patches, a delightful figure by Lori Mitchell for ESC and Company.

Pumpkin Patches became the finishing touch to Tommy's costume. The figure wore a hat that resembled a hollowed-out pumpkin, complete with its stem and leaf. Tommy couldn't help but grin as he wore the same whimsical hat, feeling like a true pumpkin enthusiast.

On the evening of All Hallows Eve, instead of joining his friends for trick-or-treating, Tommy embarked on a different adventure. Holding a jack-o'-lantern on a stick, he ventured through the neighborhood, spreading joy and laughter among his neighbors.

With each step, Tommy's pumpkin-themed costume brought smiles to the faces of those he encountered. People marveled at his creativity and embraced the refreshing change from the spooky traditions. Tommy proved that Halloween could be celebrated in a way that resonated with his own interests and personality.

As he reunited with his friends, each adorned in their own Lori Mitchell figures, they formed a delightful group of Halloween enthusiasts, celebrating the magic of the season in their own unique ways.

Pumpkin Patches and the many other Halloween trick-or-treat figures created by Lori Mitchell allowed for endless possibilities in creating charming displays throughout their homes. And in Maplewood, Tommy's pumpkin-themed costume became a symbol of the joy and individuality that Halloween could bring to everyone.

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