Princess Wish Angel

By Dee Foust-Harvey | Item #: ESC81171
Princess Wish Angel
Princess Wish Angel
Princess Wish Angel

Princess Wish Angel

By Dee Foust-Harvey | Item #: ESC81171
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Product Description
  • Size: 9x5x4"
  • Material: Resin, Crepe Paper & Glitter
  • Year Introduced: 2023
  • A Dee Foust-Harvey design for ESC & Company

Embrace the spirit of wishful thinking with the enchanting creation of Princess Wish Angel by the talented artist Dee Foust-Harvey. This ethereal figure exudes an air of grace and elegance, embodying the very essence of holiday wishes and dreams.

Princess Wish Angel stands tall and proud, adorned in a resplendent gown that shimmers with copper accents, reminiscent of a celestial night sky. Her silver glittered wings add an extra touch of magic, reflecting the twinkling stars that illuminate her path.

With a heart full of kindness and a desire to bring joy to all, Princess Wish Angel holds a cream-colored banner delicately in her hands. The word "WISH" graces the banner in bold letters, inviting everyone to approach her with their heartfelt desires. Like a beacon of hope, she stands ready to grant the wishes of those who seek her guidance during this magical time of year.

Her presence exudes a sense of enchantment and wonder, as if she has just emerged from a fairy tale to make dreams come true. The warmth in her eyes and the gentle smile on her lips promise that she will listen carefully to each wish, embracing the spirit of giving and joy that defines the holiday season.

Princess Wish Angel captures the essence of holiday magic and the power of believing in the impossible. As she graces your home or holiday display, she becomes a symbol of hope and possibility, reminding us that the greatest gifts are often found in the intangible dreams of the heart.

With her captivating charm and benevolent spirit, Princess Wish Angel stands as a radiant figure that embodies the true meaning of the holidays – a time for love, joy, and the power of wishes coming true. Embrace the magic of the season and let Princess Wish Angel fill your home with the spirit of hope and wonder, inspiring all to dream big and believe in the magic of the holiday season.

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