Poison Apple
Poison Apple
Poison Apple
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  • Size: 10.5x7x7"
  • Material: Paper Pulp, Cotton Cording, Paper & Glitter
  • A LeeAnn Kress Halloween design for Bethany Lowe

Dip the apple in the brew, let the sleeping death seep through! This fateful incantation was spoken by the witch queen to prepare a Poison Apple for Snow White. This bright red apple has a whimsical spiral stem and an ominous skull face in the toxic green sludge, so you know this apple is bad news! Be the fairest of them all by putting this Poison Apple in the center of your Halloween display or on your party's appetizer table to see who among your guests are brave enough to risk the sleeping death!

The Poison Apple, measuring 10.5x7x7 inches, is a haunting creation designed by LeeAnn Kress for Bethany Lowe, perfect for adding an eerie touch to your Halloween decor.

Crafted from paper pulp, cotton cording, paper, and glitter, this Poison Apple captures the essence of the infamous tale of Snow White and the wicked witch's poisonous gift. Its bright red exterior is enticing yet foreboding, with a spiral stem adding a touch of macabre allure.

The most striking feature of this apple is the ominous skull face lurking within the toxic green sludge, a clear warning of the danger that lies within. This sinister detail adds an air of mystery and suspense to the overall design, making it a standout piece in any Halloween display.

Display the Poison Apple prominently in the center of your Halloween decorations to create a focal point that captures attention and sparks conversation. Alternatively, place it on your party's appetizer table as a daring challenge for your guests to see who dares to take a bite and risk the "sleeping death."

With its captivating design and nod to a classic fairy tale, the Poison Apple is a must-have for Halloween enthusiasts looking to add a touch of dark fantasy to their spooky celebrations. Embrace the enchantment of this wickedly alluring decoration this Halloween season!

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