Patsie and Peppie Mint
Patsie and Peppie Mint
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  • Size: 5.5x5.5x2.5" & 9x3.5x2"
  • Material: resin & paper pulp
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company

In the sweet world of the Lori Mitchell Christmas collection, there exists a dynamic duo that adds a touch of sweetness and merriment to the holiday season. Meet Patsy and Peppie, a pair of playful and creative figures inspired by everyone's favorite Christmas treats – peppermint candies.

Patsy and Peppie Mint are inseparable partners in all their festive endeavors. Their enthusiasm for Christmas knows no bounds, and they take great pleasure in going all out with their holiday attire. This year, they've decided to dress up as their beloved peppermint candies, transforming themselves into the embodiment of holiday cheer.

Patsy, with her charming peppermint wand in hand, radiates joy as she spreads the magic of the season. Her vibrant red and white outfit perfectly matches the iconic colors of the peppermint candy. Meanwhile, Peppie dons a candy wrapper ruffle sleeve ensemble, exuding a playful energy that complements Patsy's festive charm. Their matching bow and bow tie serve as a delightful finishing touch, emphasizing their unity as a peppermint candy duo.

Together, Patsy and Peppie bring a touch of whimsy and joy to any Christmas display. Whether placed on a candy cane lane or nestled among other delightful holiday decorations, their presence is sure to captivate the hearts of all who encounter them. Their infectious energy and festive spirit make them the perfect addition to any holiday collection.

So, indulge in the sweetness of the season with Patsy and Peppie. Let their vibrant colors and playful personalities infuse your Christmas decor with a dash of whimsy and a whole lot of fun. With their delightful presence, they remind us to embrace the joy of the holidays and to savor every moment of this magical time.

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