Pastel Ombre Trees Set/3
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  • Size: 11", 12" & 14"
  • Material: Bottle Brush & Wire
  • A Bethany Lowe design

The ombre coloring that transitions from cream to pastel green, blue and pink makes these bottle brush trees perfect for almost any holiday throughout the year! They are perfect for Easter, but they can also be used for a Christmas village, a Valentine's Day display, or even a baby shower!

Spring forth into a world where color gently fades in ombre style with the Pastel Ombre Trees Set, a trio of bottle brush trees that carry the softness of dawn to any room they grace. This set, crafted by the imaginative Bethany Lowe, is a symphony in pastel, with each tree's hues softly transitioning from the creamy lightness of new beginnings to the tender greens, blues, and pinks of a blooming garden.

Ranging from 11 to 14 inches in height, these bottle brush trees stand tall and proud, their bristles a testament to the delicate artistry that goes into every Bethany Lowe creation. Each tree is mounted on a golden base, adding a touch of understated elegance that allows the ombre effect to truly shine.

Though perfect for Easter with their spring-inspired color scheme, the versatility of these trees knows no bounds. Imagine them casting a soft presence in a snowy Christmas village, adding an unexpected twist to the traditional holiday palette. For Valentine's Day, these trees can weave a narrative of love's tender gradient, from the first flush of affection to the deep hues of a heart in full bloom.

And for those welcoming a new life into the world, what could be more fitting than these trees at a baby shower, symbolizing the gradual unfolding of a young life's potential? Each color, a stage; each stage, a precious moment to be celebrated. The Pastel Ombre Trees Set is a versatile accent for any celebration that calls for a gentle explosion of color. Let them stand as a beacon of serenity and softness, an ode to the quiet beauty that colors our lives throughout the year.

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