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  • Size: 11x4x3"
  • Material: Resin, Ribbon, Chain & Crepe Paper
  • A Dee Foust-Harvey design for ESC & Company
Dee Foust Harvey introduces us to a delightful figure named Paprika for ESC & Company. With her playful expression and jointed limbs, Paprika invites us to bring her to life in the perfect pose for any occasion.

Dressed in a charming gold and pink bunny outfit, Paprika exudes an air of festive cheer. Her legs stretch out, showcasing her adorable gold-dipped toes, while her ears flop over with a hint of mischievousness. It's as if she's ready to leap into the joyous festivities of both Valentine's Day and Easter.

Adorned with large gold heart earrings, Paprika adds a touch of glamour to her whimsical ensemble. Cream ribbons and frills embellish her outfit, accentuating her playful and festive nature. Her attention to detail showcases Dee Foust Harvey's artistry and love for creating figures that bring joy to any space.

Paprika's versatility makes her the perfect companion for any display. Whether she's part of a Valentine's Day centerpiece or an Easter vignette, she adds a touch of charm and whimsy to every scene. Her jointed arms and legs allow us to pose her in various positions, adding an interactive element that sparks our imagination.

As Paprika joins other delightful doll figurines from Dee Foust Harvey's collection, she becomes part of a larger story of whimsy and enchantment. Each figure contributes its own unique personality, creating a tapestry of joy and delight.

With Paprika, Dee Foust Harvey invites us to celebrate the magic of love and the joy of Easter. Her playful nature and attention to detail captivate our hearts and bring a smile to our faces. As we pose Paprika and immerse ourselves in her whimsical charm, we are reminded to embrace the spirit of celebration and to cherish the moments that bring us joy.

Paprika's presence brings a touch of magic to any Valentine's Day or Easter display. Her vibrant personality and versatility make her an enchanting addition to any collection. With Paprika by our side, we are transported to a world where love, joy, and whimsy intertwine, creating memories that last a lifetime.

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