Orange Crayon

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC12269
Orange Crayon
Orange Crayon

Orange Crayon

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC12269
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  • Size: 8x3.5x2"
  • Material: Resin & Metal
A Lori Mitchell design for ESC and Company.

Some Halloween costume planning requires you to think outside the box, or in this case, inside the crayon box!

Behold, a Halloween trick or treater figure by the imaginative hands of Lori Mitchell, adorned in his favorite costume to date: the Orange Crayon! Sometimes, my dear mortals, the most extraordinary costume ideas emerge from the depths of creativity, requiring one to think beyond the conventional and delve into the colorful realm of the crayon box.

This young soul, brimming with artistic flair, embarked on a journey of costume contemplation. Ah, but it was the very crayon he employed to sketch his musings that inspired him most. Transformed into the embodiment of an Orange Crayon, he radiates vibrancy and joy, his every line and stroke bursting with creativity.

From his head rises a conical hat, as bright as the autumn sun, mirroring the hue of his chosen artistic tool. With each step, his enthusiasm spills forth, filling the air with a contagious energy. Oh, how he wishes his friends would join him in a crayon-clad escapade, splashing the Halloween night with a kaleidoscope of colors!

With rosy cheeks and mismatched patterned socks, this trick or treating figure exudes an irresistible charm that tugs at the heartstrings of all who behold him. The promise of abundant treats, each a burst of sweetness akin to a vibrant crayon stroke, fills his pumpkin bucket with giddy anticipation.

As he ventures forth, the embodiment of a walking masterpiece, he leaves an indelible mark on the canvas of Halloween. A touch of whimsy, a splash of color, and a dash of imaginative spirit—that's what this Orange Crayon brings to your Lori Mitchell display.

So, my dear friends, embrace the allure of creativity, for this Halloween trick or treater figure will surely fill your world with a vivid palette of joy and wonder.

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