Old Fashioned Love

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC22900
Old Fashioned Love

Old Fashioned Love

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC22900
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Product Description
  • Size: 7x5x2"
  • Material: resin & paper pulp
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company

In the quaint little village of Heartland, there lived a charming figure named Old Fashioned Love. She was just as her name suggested - an old-fashioned gal with a heart full of dreams and a desire for a love that transcends time.

With her vintage-inspired dress, poofy skirt, and cute big red bow in her hair, Old Fashioned Love exuded a timeless charm that captivated everyone who laid eyes on her. She would twirl around on one foot, as if rehearsing for the moment when someone would come and sweep her off her feet.

Every day, she would carry a crook with a heart-shaped love sign, hoping that it would catch the attention of someone special. She dreamed of a love that was classic and enduring, just like the old-fashioned romances she had read about in books.

In Heartland, Valentine's Day was an extra special occasion, and Old Fashioned Love couldn't wait for it to arrive. The village was adorned with hearts and flowers, and the air was filled with the sweet scent of love. It was the perfect setting for her to find her true love.

But Old Fashioned Love was not just a figure meant for Valentine's Day. She brought a touch of love and warmth to every season, making her a beloved figure all year round. In fact, during Christmas, she would add a festive touch to the holiday decor with her vintage charm.

As the days went by, Old Fashioned Love continued to twirl and carry her love sign, always hopeful that her old-fashioned love would come her way. And in the meantime, she filled the hearts of everyone in Heartland with joy and happiness.

So, if you ever find yourself strolling through the charming village of Heartland, keep an eye out for Old Fashioned Love. With her timeless beauty and sweet demeanor, she is sure to capture your heart and remind you of the magic of old-fashioned love that never goes out of style.

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