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  • Size: 9x3x2"
  • Material: Painted Resin & Metal
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company

In the magical world of Lori Mitchell's Nutcracker Suite, there stood a brave and noble Nutcracker, ready to defend the spirit of Christmas. With a sword firmly gripped in his resin and metal hands, he exuded strength and determination.

Dressed in an exquisite red and gold jacket, adorned with intricate details, the Nutcracker radiated elegance and grandeur. His gold-trimmed white pants flowed gracefully around him, accentuating his regal stature. Atop his head, a magnificent red hat with a golden brim and feather completed his majestic ensemble.

The Nutcracker's wooden teeth smiled with confidence, and his distinguished black handlebar mustache added an air of sophistication. He was the epitome of a gallant soldier, ready to embark on a noble quest.

As the Nutcracker stood tall, he knew his purpose was to protect the spirit of Christmas from any forces that sought to extinguish its magic. With unwavering dedication, he faced the challenges that lay ahead, prepared to defend the joy and wonder of the holiday season.

Paired with the other figures from Lori Mitchell's Nutcracker Suite collection, the Nutcracker created a captivating display that transported viewers into a realm of enchantment. From the dapper Mouse King to the graceful Clara, each figure brought the timeless story to life.

Families gathered around the Nutcracker Suite display, marveling at the intricate details and relishing in the magic it evoked. Children's eyes sparkled with wonder as they imagined themselves journeying alongside Clara and the Nutcracker on their whimsical adventures.

Whether displayed as part of a cherished Christmas tradition or given as a cherished gift, the Nutcracker figure from Lori Mitchell's collection added a touch of grandeur and splendor to any holiday celebration. His noble presence embodied the essence of the Nutcracker tale, capturing the hearts of all who beheld him.

As the Nutcracker stood guard, his sword held high, he reminded us all of the power of bravery, loyalty, and the everlasting magic of the Christmas season.

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