Nautilus Shell Ornament

By Old World Christmas | Item #: 12150
Nautilus Shell Ornament

Nautilus Shell Ornament

By Old World Christmas | Item #: 12150
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  • Size: 4.25"
  • Material: Glass
  • From Old World Christmas

Here's a treasure from the sea that doesn't require a deep dive to admire – the Nautilus Shell Ornament from Old World Christmas, a symbol of the ocean's mystery and splendor. This glass creation brings the enchanting underwater world to your festive fir, blending the artistry of the sea with the warmth of the holiday season.

Measuring a neat 4.25 inches, this nautilus shell ornament captures the imagination with its spiraled design and pearlescent finish, accented with golden stripes and a touch of glitter that catches the light, much like sunlight piercing through ocean waters. It’s a visual representation of the nautilus's journey through the deep blue, a path often associated with growth, evolution, and the beauty of nature's patterns.

The nautilus shell is revered across various cultures for its symbolism of life, love, and good fortune. In particular, this ornament with its gentle curves and soft shimmer can be seen as a token of good luck for those embarking on new ventures, embodying the hope for a journey as prosperous as the nautilus's constant, effortless movement through the sea.

Ideal for ocean enthusiasts or those who love to collect unique ornaments. Whether given as a gift or hung on your tree, this ornament serves as a subtle reminder of life's continuous unfolding and the beauty in the journey itself.

Text on Old World hang tag: In many cultures, the shell is universally recognized as a positive feminine symbol which represents birth, life, resurrection, love and good luck. In China, the shell is one of the Eight Good Prophetic Symbols and signifies a prosperous journey. 

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