Nativity Camel
Nativity Camel
Nativity Camel
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  • Size: 5x7x2"
  • Material: Resin
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Comapny
In the heartwarming collection of Lori Mitchell's Nativity figures, a new addition has arrived—the endearing Nativity Camel. This charismatic camel captures the essence of charm, evident in its mischievous smile that seems to invite you for a ride. With a playful tilt to its head, the camel beckons with a sense of adventure and whimsy.

Resting gracefully on its legs, the Nativity Camel showcases intricate details that bring it to life. Adorned with an exquisitely painted blanket and a saddle on its back, the camel embodies the rich traditions and cultural significance of these majestic creatures. Known as a "mahawi" in Arabic, the camel saddle is carefully designed to provide comfort and stability for the rider.

As an integral part of the Nativity scene, the Nativity Camel finds its place alongside the donkey figure, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and the wise men. Placing it within the creche completes the sacred scene, capturing the beauty and meaning of the birth of Jesus.

Lori Mitchell's Nativity collection offers a unique and folk-inspired portrayal of the biblical story. Each figure, including the Nativity Camel, carries a distinct charm that brings joy and delight to those who witness it. Collecting the entire set creates a vibrant and captivating Nativity scene that exudes warmth, spirituality, and a touch of whimsy—a hallmark of Lori Mitchell's artistic style.

With the Nativity Camel, Lori Mitchell once again showcases her ability to infuse traditional religious themes with a playful and folkloric touch. This adorable figure adds a sense of wonder and imagination to the Nativity narrative, inviting viewers of all ages to connect with the story in a new and delightful way.

Incorporate the Nativity Camel into your holiday decor, and let its charm transport you to the timeless tale of love, faith, and the miracle of Christmas.

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