Minty Fresh
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  • Size: 7"
  • Material: Resin
  • Year Introduced: 2023

A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company

In the festive town of Candyland, there lived a girl named Minty Fresh. She had always been complimented on her minty fresh smell, from her breath to her clean scent. One day, Lori Mitchell's Minty Fresh had a brilliant idea. She decided to embrace her reputation and turn it into a fashionable statement.

Minty Fresh set out to create an outfit that embodied everything associated with peppermints. With her creative mind and skilled hands, she designed a stunning red and white striped dress. The peppermint candy buttons added a delightful touch, showcasing her attention to detail.

But Minty Fresh didn't stop there. She knew that accessories could make or break an outfit. She crafted peppermint candy earrings that playfully studded her ears, adding a pop of color and a hint of sweetness.

Her fashion statement wouldn't be complete without something unique for her hair. Minty Fresh carefully placed tall peppermint candy canes on each side, nestled in her knotted brown locks. The canes stood tall, accentuated by round peppermint candies, creating a whimsical and eye-catching hairstyle.

With her ensemble perfected, Minty Fresh held her head high as she walked through the streets of Candyland. People couldn't help but smile and be drawn to her vibrant appearance. She was a living embodiment of holiday cheer and the refreshing spirit of peppermints.

To add the finishing touch, Minty Fresh carried a miniature peppermint tree in her hand. Its red and white swirls mirrored her outfit, creating a harmonious visual delight.

Minty Fresh became a beloved figure in Candyland, spreading joy and peppermint magic wherever she went. Her unique fashion sense and vibrant personality inspired others to embrace their own individuality and celebrate the sweet and refreshing moments in life.

As the holiday season approached, Minty Fresh's presence added an extra dash of excitement and cheer to the festivities. Her Minty Fresh fashion became a trend, with people donning peppermint-inspired accessories and clothing, honoring the girl who started it all.

Minty Fresh had transformed her reputation into a symbol of joy and creativity. She reminded everyone that even the simplest things, like the scent of peppermint, could become a source of inspiration and beauty. And from that day forward, Minty Fresh became a cherished part of the sweet traditions in Candyland.

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