Mexican Shell Ornament

By Old World Christmas | Item #: 12177
Mexican Shell Ornament

Mexican Shell Ornament

By Old World Christmas | Item #: 12177
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  • Size: 4"
  • Material: Glass
  • From Old World Christmas

Like finding a treasure washed ashore, glinting under the sun with promises of history and mysteries of the deep blue. The Mexican Shell Ornament from Old World Christmas is just that—a treasure in blown glass, designed to bring the ocean's bounty to your festive decorations. With a size of 4 inches, this piece is a delightful representation of the gifts of the sea.

The outside of this ornament sparkles with glitter, catching the light to create a shimmering spectacle reminiscent of a beachcomber's prized find. Turn it over, and the inside blooms with a soft pink hue, evoking the delicate interior of a real seashell. This color contrast is a gentle reminder of the hidden beauties that lie beneath surfaces.

Shells hold a special place in numerous cultures, symbolizing not just the femininity and protection but also the journey of life itself. The Chinese regard it as one of the auspicious symbols, encouraging a journey of good fortune. This ornament brings such symbolism to your home, promising a voyage of joy and serenity.

It's an invitation to pause and reflect on the expansive, untamed oceans and their serene beauty. For those who yearn for the rhythmic lull of the waves and the salt in the air, this ornament is a perfect nod to those sensibilities. It's an excellent gift for those who find solace by the sea or for those who dream of oceanic adventures. It reminds us all to cherish the journey of life, with all its ebbs and flows, just like the ceaseless dance of the tides.

Text on Old World hang tag: In many cultures, the shell is universally recognized as a positive feminine symbol which represents birth, life, resurrection, love and good luck. In China, the shell is one of the Eight Good Prophetic Symbols and signifies a prosperous journey. 

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