Major Macaron Display

By Glitterville | Item #: GVVI1146
Major Macaron Display
Major Macaron Display
Major Macaron Display
Major Macaron Display

Major Macaron Display

By Glitterville | Item #: GVVI1146
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Product Description
  • Size: 58x22x14"
  • Material: Hand-Painted & Gold Leafed Fiber Pulp

Step into a fantastical world of whimsy and wonder with the larger-than-life Major Macaron Display figure, a breathtaking creation by the ingenious mind of Stephen Brown from Glitterville Studios. Standing tall and proud, Major Macaron is the epitome of sweet extravagance, designed to captivate all who lay eyes on him at a brightly colored holiday party.

As you enter the party adorned with vibrant decorations, you'll be enchanted by the sight of Major Macaron, dressed in a pastel-hued nutcracker outfit that exudes charm and delight. His pink pants and light blue waistcoat, adorned with intricate trim that resembles delicate frosting piped by a master baker, hint at the delightful treats that await you inside.

But it's his hat that truly steals the show! Major Macaron's tall, cylindrical hat is a confectionary masterpiece, crafted from graduating sizes of macarons in a delightful array of colors. Nestled atop these delectable treats are two candy canes, adding a touch of holiday magic to his ensemble.

Major Macaron's role as a nutcracker takes a delightful twist as he stands proudly, showcasing his pastry prowess. In his hands, he carries a cake plate brimming with a tree of brightly colored macarons, each one a work of art crafted with skill and love. The tree rises majestically, almost defying gravity, as if it were a holiday miracle itself.

Handcrafted with care and attention to detail, Major Macaron is a masterpiece of fiber pulp artistry. The figure is gold-leafed, adding a touch of opulence to his already awe-inspiring presence. Each stroke of paint applied by the talented artisans showcases their dedication to bringing this enchanting creation to life.

Whether at an adult gathering or a joyous children's party, Major Macaron will cast a spell on all who encounter him, leaving them in awe of the magic that surrounds this delightful figure. So immerse yourself in a world of confectionary delights and holiday enchantment with Major Macaron Display figure, where sugar and whimsy come together in a splendid celebration of all things sweet and fantastical.

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