Love's Fool
Love's Fool
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  • Size: 7.5x4"
  • Material: Resin, Paper & Metal
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company
When it comes to love everyone is a fool, but this cute jester has gone a step further and made it his official role to be Love's Fool. In the realm of love, there exists a mischievous character known as "Love's Fool," brought to life in the delightful figure crafted by Lori Mitchell. This jester embraces the role of the eternal romantic fool, spreading laughter, joy, and affection in the name of love.

Dressed in a whimsical pink and white costume, Love's Fool captivates hearts with his vibrant appearance. His tall cone hat, adorned with heart motifs, adds an element of playfulness to his ensemble, while his mischievous grin hints at the mischief and merriment he brings to the world of love.

In his hand, Love's Fool holds a heart-shaped "love" scepter, a symbol of his commitment to spreading affection and happiness. With each wave of his scepter, love blossoms and fills the air, touching the hearts of all who encounter him.

To complete his ensemble, Love's Fool wears a paper heart collar, showcasing his dedication to love in its many forms. Whether it's through laughter, companionship, or acts of kindness, Love's Fool reminds us to embrace our own inner foolishness and express our affection openly.

As you welcome Love's Fool into your Valentine's Day celebrations, allow his playful spirit to ignite a sense of joy and silliness within you. Embrace the freedom to be vulnerable, to laugh, and to love wholeheartedly, knowing that sometimes being a fool for love is the most beautiful and courageous act of all.

So, let Love's Fool be a reminder to embrace the light-heartedness and enchantment of love, and to cherish the moments that make us feel like fools in the pursuit of true happiness. For it is in these moments that we find the greatest joys and deepest connections on this special day of love and beyond.

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