Long-Stemmed Orange Fabric Pumpkin

By Ragon House | Item #: RH207844
Long-Stemmed Orange Fabric Pumpkin
Long-Stemmed Orange Fabric Pumpkin

Long-Stemmed Orange Fabric Pumpkin

By Ragon House | Item #: RH207844
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Product Description
  • Size: 11x11x11"
  • Material: Fabric & Plastic
  • Year Introduced: 2023
Well, now, gather 'round and let me spin you a yarn about a peculiar find for this harvest season. Friends, imagine an 11x11" pumpkin that's nothing short of a splendid heirloom piece, boasting a stem that twists and turns like a river's course on an autumn afternoon. A true marvel, I tell ya.

This here Long-Stemmed Orange Fabric Pumpkin, it ain't your run-of-the-mill gourd. Nay, it's cloaked in velvety soft fabric that drapes and pleats with a grace that'd make a debutante blush. Aye, the craftsmanship is finer than a Mississippi riverboat's deck, I reckon.

Now, let's not get carried away, for this pumpkin's destined to shine indoors, where the hearth's warmth and the candle's glow set the stage. Picture it nestled amongst a wagonload of pumpkins and dolls, a scene fit for a storybook.

And listen close, for there's no need for knives and carve this gem. No sir, just pull it out year after year, and let it herald the arrival of the fall season. A keeper, I tell ya, a true keeper. So, my friends, as the leaves start their journey downwards, consider welcoming this Long-Stemmed Orange Fabric Pumpkin to your abode – a touch of elegance to accompany your tales and festivities.

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