Light Up Scary Candles Set/2

By Gerson Companies | Item #: R0113
Light Up Scary Candles Set/2
Light Up Scary Candles Set/2

Light Up Scary Candles Set/2

By Gerson Companies | Item #: R0113
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Product Description
  • Size: 7x3.25x3.25" Each
  • Material: Resin & Lights
  • Lighted Candles, Battery Operated (Batteries Included)
  • On/Off Switch
Now, my friends, feast your eyes upon these mischievous candlesticks that have taken it upon themselves to become the resident hecklers of the Halloween party! Oh, the audacity of these two, unable to contain their opinions as they spot a particularly ghastly costume!

Let me introduce you to the Light Up Scary Candles Set, a delightful addition to your Halloween decor that will surely infuse your space with more character than you can shake a broomstick at. These candlesticks, my friends and ghouls, are not your ordinary wax creations. No, they are illuminated by LED lights, ensuring that they won't melt away into a puddle of wax and sorrow.  But that's not all, my ghastly ghouls! These scoundrels of the night come with batteries included, ready to shine their eerie glow upon your festivities. And to add to their charm, they even have an on/off switch, allowing you to control their illumination at your whim.

Behold their unique personalities! Two different faces and sizes, each reflecting their own distinct character. With their mischievous grins and playful glimmer, they are the perfect companions for a Halloween soirée that seeks to enchant and amuse.  So, my friends, let these Light Up Scary Candles Set bring a touch of whimsy and a dash of mischief to your Halloween celebrations. Let their LED light shine bright, illuminating the festivities and casting a spell of delight upon all who behold them. It is a sight to behold, my friends, and a surefire way to add that extra touch of enchantment to your spooky soirée.

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