Light Pink Coral Stems Set/2

By December Diamonds | Item #: DD81154
Light Pink Coral Stems Set/2

Light Pink Coral Stems Set/2

By December Diamonds | Item #: DD81154
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  • Size: 25x10” each
  • Material: Wire & Glitter

Paired with the turquoise coral stems, these Light Pink Coral stems make a fabulous addition to your sea themed tree or garland over a mantel! We group them together at the top of our sea themed tree for an undulating ocean scene, and because the stems are covered in pink glitter, they shimmer with the lights of your tree or garland!

So get ready to dive into a décor that’s as calm as a coral reef and sparkly as the sea foam? This set of Light Pink Coral Stems is like a treasure you’d find in a mermaid’s garden, bringing a splash of underwater fantasy right into your home. Thanks to their sparkling pink glitter, these stems catch the light and twinkle like the surface of a sunlit ocean, bringing life to any corner that needs a touch of the sea.

Each of the two stems is a 25-inch tall spectacle of glittered wire, creating an illusion of delicate coral branches that seem to dance with every flicker of light. Pair them with turquoise coral stems, and you've got yourself a full-blown oceanic display. They're perfect for crafting a sea-themed tree that’ll have your guests convinced you've got a direct line to Neptune himself.

Place these beauties at the pinnacle of your sea-themed tree, and watch as they create an undulating canopy that shimmers against the festive lights. Or let them peek out from planters, where they’ll add a bit of oceanic charm to your everyday foliage.

So whether you’re aiming to create an under-the-sea Christmas or you’re looking for that perfect touch for your mantle’s summer display, these Light Pink Coral Stems are ready to make a splash. Let them sway in your holiday breeze, and enjoy the soft, pink glow they lend to your festive or everyday décor. It's like having a piece of a dreamy, pastel reef right in your living room!

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