Kallie's Crow

By Dee Harvey | Item #: ESC81029
Kallie's Crow
Kallie's Crow
Kallie's Crow

Kallie's Crow

By Dee Harvey | Item #: ESC81029
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Product Description
  • Size: 15.5x11x5"
  • Material: Resin, Fabric, Wire, Crepe Paper & Glitter
  • A Dee Harvey design for ESC & Company
Any witch up with the trends knows brooms are in fashion, but Kallie doesn't care about fads, preferring to travel by her trusty crow friend! She even goes against the grain by wearing a white witch outfit adorned with black and orange festooning tufts and a black neck ruff.

Kallie sits on her black crow which rests on a black finial base and they both hold orange glittered stars as though they plucked them out of the sky. Kallie's Crow is a wonderful Dee Foust Harvey Hallowee figure that really shows the growing scope of her Halloween figures, making them amazing pieces of art and fantastic additions to your collection!

So, beware, my fellow Halloween enthusiasts, for Dee Harvey's Kallie's Crow has taken flight! This bewitching creature defies the trends of modern witches, opting for a different mode of transportation. While brooms may be all the rage, Kallie embraces her unique style by journeying through the night sky on the wings of her trusty crow companion.

Dressed in an enchanting white witch outfit adorned with black and orange festooning tufts, Kallie stands out from the coven. Her rebellious spirit shines through as she sports a black neck ruff, defying the conventions of traditional witch attire. Perched upon her majestic crow, the duo exudes an air of mystery and elegance.  But that's not all, dear Halloween aficionados! As if plucked from the very stars themselves, Kallie and her crow hold orange glittered stars, symbolizing their mystical connection to the night sky. This extraordinary Dee Foust Harvey Halloween figure showcases the ever-growing scope of her artistic creations, transforming them into breathtaking works of art and captivating additions to your collection.

We implore you to embrace the magic of Kallie's Crow, for it embodies the essence of Halloween with its unique charm and whimsical allure. As you gaze upon this extraordinary piece, let your imagination take flight and join Kallie and her crow on their mystical journey through the night, where wonders await and enchantment reigns supreme.

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