Joey's Christmas Jammies
Joey's Christmas Jammies
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  • Size: 7x2.5x2"
  • Material: Painted Resin
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company

In the quiet town of Hollyville, nestled beneath a blanket of snow, a mischievous young boy named Joey was filled with excitement on Christmas Eve. Unable to contain his curiosity, he tiptoed downstairs, determined to unravel the mystery hidden within his wrapped present.

Clad in his cozy Christmas jammies, featuring a whimsical green and red striped snowflake onesie and adorable mouse slippers, Joey believed he had devised the perfect plan. With his heart racing, he gingerly reached for the gift, shaking it ever so gently in hopes of deciphering its contents.

To his astonishment, just as he began to unravel the secret, a sight met his wide eyes that he would never forget. Santa Claus himself stood before him, a twinkle in his eye as he finished the last of the milk and cookies left for him.

Caught red-handed, Joey's shocked expression mirrored the surprise he felt at the unexpected encounter. He realized that Santa had witnessed his attempted investigation, and Joey's mischievous plan had been foiled.

Though Joey's actions were out of curiosity, Santa understood the excitement that filled the hearts of children on Christmas Eve. With a hearty chuckle, he reassured Joey that all was forgiven and that the true magic of Christmas lay in the anticipation of surprises.

Joey's Christmas Jammies, a delightful creation from the imaginative mind of Lori Mitchell, captured the essence of that special night. The vibrant green check patterned gift Joey held in his hands symbolized the joy of receiving presents during the holiday season.

As the clock struck midnight, Joey bid Santa farewell and returned to his bed, his heart brimming with anticipation for the wonders that Christmas morning would bring. No longer focused on unraveling the secrets of the present, he embraced the magic of the season and drifted off to sleep, with visions of sugarplums dancing in his head.

Joey's Christmas Jammies served as a reminder that the true spirit of Christmas lay not in uncovering the surprises but in cherishing the joy and wonder of the holiday. Whether gifted to oneself or a loved one, this whimsical figure brought the magic of Christmas to life, igniting the imagination and spreading the joy that the season brings.

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