Glistening Tropical Shell Ornament

By Old World Christmas | Item #: 12273
Glistening Tropical Shell Ornament

Glistening Tropical Shell Ornament

By Old World Christmas | Item #: 12273
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  • Size: 3.5x2.5x1.75"
  • Material: Glass
  • From Old World Christmas

The "Glistening Tropical Shell Ornament," is a sparkling display of the wonders of the ocean depths, ready to festoon your tree with underwater marvel. This glass bauble from Old World Christmas is a miniature gateway to an aquatic paradise, teeming with vibrant life, all encased within the graceful curves of a shell.

Standing at a delightful 3 inches tall, this ornament is a treasure trove of serenity. Shells have long been celebrated across various cultures, not just for their natural beauty, but for their rich significance. They're seen as powerful emblems of life's genesis and ongoing cycle, embodying love and ushering in good fortune. In the lore of China, the shell stands proud among the Eight Good Prophetic Symbols, heralding a journey filled with abundance.

Now, imagine this: nestled among the green boughs of your Christmas tree, this ornament brings not just a visual feast of colors and glitter but also a tranquil oceanic scene. The artwork painted on it—lively fish darting among the coral—is a snapshot of nature's underwater ballet, frozen in time yet full of dynamism.

Let the ""Glistening Tropical Shell Ornament"" be a beacon of calm in the bustling holiday season, a daily reminder of life's ebb and flow as you pass by the twinkling lights of your tree. It's perfect for those who hold the sea close to their hearts or anyone who appreciates the profound beauty hidden in the depths of our world's waters. Let it float among your festive decor, and watch as it adds a serene accent to your holiday, or even everyday, decorations.

In many cultures, the shell is universally recognized as a positive feminine symbol which represents birth, life, resurrection, love and good luck. In China, the shell is one of the Eight Good Prophetic Symbols and signifies a prosperous journey. An ocean scene teaming with life is painted onto this beautiful shell ornament, and is sure to bring feelings of calm and liveliness to your home.

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