Garden Blue Fairy Ornament
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  • Size: 6x5x1.75"
  • Material: Resin, Fabric, Mesh, Sequins & Glitter
You will be whisked away by the Garden Blue Fairy Ornament from December Diamonds! This petite enchantress is like a secret portal to a world where style meets nature in the most delightful dance.

In her green-to-blue gradient leafy shirt, she's a walking masterpiece of blending tones, proving that even fashion takes cues from Mother Nature. And that blue mesh skirt? It's not just a skirt – it's a symphony of blue and white sequins, a dazzling reminder that magic is in the details.

Look up, and you'll see her hair – a cerulean cascade of dreams crowned with a holly wreath that's straight out of a storybook. Her hand isn't just holding berries; it cradles the promise of an adventure, the hint of treasure hidden within every leaf.

Her wings, pristine white with glimmers of gold, unfold like pages from a fairytale, and with each flutter, they write poetry in the air. Those sapphire eyes hold tales from twilight, and her lips, as red as passion, whisper secrets that only the wind knows.

Hang the Garden Blue Fairy Ornament in your holiday haven, and let her be the guardian of your festive fervor. Or perhaps, let her dance among your blooms, giving your garden a touch of her blue-hued charm. December Diamonds has spun enchantment into every fiber of this creation – an ornament that's not just an ornament, but a doorway to wonder!

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