Dinky Dinosaur

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC87540
Dinky Dinosaur
Dinky Dinosaur
Dinky Dinosaur

Dinky Dinosaur

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC87540
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  • Size: 6x2x4.5"
  • Material: Poly Resin
  • A Lori Mitchell Design for ESC and Company

Once upon a moonlit Halloween night, in a neighborhood adorned with spooky decorations and glowing pumpkins, there lived a little trick-or-treater named Dinky Dinosaur. Unlike the other children who donned traditional ghostly costumes, Dinky wanted to showcase his love for all things prehistoric.

Dinky's creativity knew no bounds, and his mother, the talented Lori Mitchell, was always ready to bring his imaginative ideas to life. Together, they crafted a costume that transformed Dinky into a charming dinosaur. With bright colors, scaly fabric, and a tail that swished from side to side, Dinky's costume was a sight to behold.

Excitement filled the air as Dinky stepped out of his house, his tiny arms stretching wide with anticipation. As he walked down the moonlit streets, his dinosaur tail wagging happily, neighbors couldn't help but be enchanted by his unique costume. They marveled at his creativity and the joy that radiated from him.

Dinky's cheerful trick-or-treating adventures soon began. With each door he approached, he let out a friendly roar, his tail wagging mischievously. His request for candy was met with laughter and delight, and neighbors couldn't resist filling his BOO basket to the brim.

As the night went on, Dinky's costume became a symbol of joy and imagination. Other children, inspired by his creativity, began to embrace their own unique Halloween ideas. The neighborhood transformed into a vibrant tapestry of creatures and characters, each one expressing their individuality.

Dinky, with his radiant smile and dinosaur charm, led the way. He became a beacon of inspiration, showing everyone that Halloween was a time to celebrate what makes us special and to let our imaginations run wild.

When the night finally came to an end, Dinky returned home, his BOO basket overflowing with candy and his heart filled with happiness. He knew that his dinosaur costume had not only brought him joy but had also sparked the imagination of his community.

From that day forward, Dinky Dinosaur's Halloween adventures became legendary. Each year, he would eagerly embrace a new costume, inspiring others to unleash their creativity and embrace their favorite things. And as the years passed, his neighborhood became a place where uniqueness and imagination thrived on Halloween night.

And so, the tale of Dinky Dinosaur became a cherished legend, reminding everyone that the true spirit of Halloween lies in embracing our passions, celebrating our individuality, and roaring with joy into the night.

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