Darla's Lovey Dovey Flight

By Dee Foust-Harvey | Item #: ESC81182
Darla's Lovey Dovey Flight
Darla's Lovey Dovey Flight

Darla's Lovey Dovey Flight

By Dee Foust-Harvey | Item #: ESC81182
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Product Description
  • Size: 7x4.5x4"
  • Material: Resin, Metal & Glitter
  • A Dee Harvey design for ESC & Company
Prepare for a whimsical journey through the clouds of love with Dee Foust-Harvey's "Darla's Lovey Dovey Flight" decoration – because when romance takes flight, it's not just a decoration; it's a heartwarming spectacle on wings!

Meet our lovey-dovey aviator, Darla, perched atop a majestic white swallow bird. Dressed in a poofy red dress that's equal parts elegance and playfulness, she's not just riding a bird; she's leading a skybound parade of affection.

But it's not your average bird; it's a magical swallow adorned with not one, but TWO gold hearts. One heart dangles at the front, leading the way to love, and the other gracefully sways from its tail feathers, leaving a trail of heartwarming sentiments in its flight path.

Supported by a beam on a round gold pedestal, this figure is not just suspended in midair; it's defying gravity with the power of love. Move over, gravity; when Darla takes flight, the laws of physics are just suggestions.

Whether you're a hopeless romantic or someone looking to add a touch of airborne magic to your decor, "Darla's Lovey Dovey Flight" is here to elevate your space to new heights. It's not just a decoration; it's a declaration that love knows no bounds and that sometimes, the most romantic journeys are the ones taken on the wings of whimsy.

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a love-infused flight of fancy. With Darla leading the way, every day is an adventure in the sky, where hearts soar and joy takes flight!

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