Compass Ornament
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  • Size: 2.5x2x0.75”
  • Material: Glass
  • From Old World Christmas

Set your holidays on the right course with this Compass Ornament, a glass tribute to the age-old tool that has guided explorers across land and sea. For centuries, the compass has been a reliable partner for travelers and adventurers alike, and this 2.5-inch ornament honors that legacy with a festive twist.

The history of the compass stretches back to the Qin dynasty, an innovation that began with telling fortunes and evolved into an indispensable instrument for Feng Shui and navigation. The compass rose, a symbol etched in history and mystery, has always pointed us toward our 'true north,' both literally and metaphorically.

This ornament, with its sparkling cardinal points, adds a touch of history to your holiday decor. It's a perfect gift for the hikers who conquer trails, the sailors who chart courses, and the dreamers who navigate the journey of life. It represents not just direction, but guidance, exploration, and the thrill of finding your way in the world.

As the holiday lights catch the glittering details, your Compass Ornament becomes a beacon among the branches, guiding the gaze of guests and stirring up stories of adventure. For those who are drawn to the stars and the sea, who plot their course with a steady hand and a keen eye, this decoration is a fitting homage.

As you place this compass on your tree,it will be the perfect reminder that the journey is as important as the destination. In the festive flurry, it's a symbol that invites you to pause and reflect on your own path—where you've been, where you're headed, and the adventures that lie ahead.

Text on Old World hang tag: Dating as far back as 221 BC, in the Qin dynasty, people have been using compasses to help find their way. Originally the Chinese used a lodestone compass to tell fortunes, and later developed the luopan for Fung Shui. By the 11th century, they were being used for navigation. Even today, we still look to the compass rose to find our true north. 

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