Choo Choo Magoo
Choo Choo Magoo
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  • Size: 6x2.5x2"
  • Material: Painted Resin
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC
In the whimsical world of Lori Mitchell's Christmas collection, there exists a figure known as Choo Choo Magoo, a true connoisseur of trains. From his earliest days, Choo Choo Magoo developed an unbridled fascination for these magnificent machines, captivated by their ability to connect cars and journey along the tracks. But what truly stole his heart was the resounding chorus of "CHOO CHOO" that echoed through the air whenever a train passed by.

Choo Choo Magoo, adorned in his finest green and white striped onesie, found himself enveloped in the holiday spirit on Christmas morning. With a mix of excitement and anticipation, he eagerly unwrapped his presents, hoping to discover a special surprise awaiting him. Lo and behold, nestled amongst the festive wrapping paper, lay a train car like no other—his very own dream come true.

With eyes sparkling with joy, Choo Choo Magoo beheld the treasured gift, a magnificent red engine that had long captured his imagination. It was the very locomotive he had been saving every penny for, hoping to add it to his beloved train collection. The exhilaration that coursed through his veins was immeasurable, and a contagious smile spread across his face.

In an instant, Choo Choo Magoo's imagination took flight. He could already envision the adventures that awaited him as he guided his new train car along the winding tracks, the rhythmic "CHOO CHOO" filling the air with excitement and wonder. With his train collection now complete, he knew that endless hours of joy and exploration lay ahead.

From that day forward, Choo Choo Magoo and his trusty red engine embarked on countless journeys together, traversing imaginary landscapes and igniting the imaginations of all who witnessed their playful adventures. His love for trains only grew stronger, and with every "CHOO CHOO" that echoed through the air, he was reminded of the boundless joy and enchantment that trains brought into his life.

Choo Choo Magoo's infectious enthusiasm touched the hearts of those around him, reminding them of the simple pleasures found in childhood wonder and the magic of cherished dreams come true. Through the power of his imagination and the spirit of Christmas, Choo Choo Magoo showed us all that sometimes, the greatest joys can be found in the simplest of gifts.

So let the train whistle sound, and join Choo Choo Magoo on his whimsical adventures as he rides the rails of imagination, forever capturing the magic and excitement of the holiday season. All aboard the train of dreams and endless possibilities!

Pair him with Peppermint Patti #22118 – they look like they are related!

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