Carton Of Raspberries Ornament

By Old World Christmas | Item #: OW28139
Carton Of Raspberries Ornament
Carton Of Raspberries Ornament
Carton Of Raspberries Ornament

Carton Of Raspberries Ornament

By Old World Christmas | Item #: OW28139
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  • Size: 3.5x2.5x2.5"
  • Material: Glass & Glitter
  • From Old World Christmas

"Begin your festive season with a sparkle of sweet and tart flavor; the Carton Of Raspberries Ornament is a delicate celebration of goodwill. This glass tree ornament is crafted with care, standing at 3.5 inches tall, ready to hang on your Christmas tree and bring a story of compassion and tenderness to your holiday decor.

As a piece from Old World Christmas, this ornament brings more than just a splash of color to your festivities. Raspberries, in their rich red hues, are not only eye-catching but also hold deep meaning in Christian art. These berries are not just a feast for the eyes but a symbol of the very place from which kindness flows – the heart. The deep red juice of raspberries, captured in the glittering details of this ornament, is a nod to the heartfelt generosity that the holiday season inspires.

The Carton Of Raspberries Ornament also speaks to the delicate nature of compassion. Like the fruit it represents, kindness is often fragile, needing gentle handling and a warm environment to thrive. This ornament, with its detailed leaves and glittering berries, serves as a reminder of the gentle care that we must foster during the holiday season and beyond.

Raspberries are believed to carry medicinal properties, particularly aiding pregnancy and childbirth, adding another layer of meaning to this already rich symbol. Hanging this ornament could be seen as a nod to the nurturing and life-giving aspects of the season, a subtle homage to new beginnings and the nurturing of life.

Each time you glance at this radiant ornament, let it be a reminder of the small acts of kindness that make the holiday season bright. Whether it's sharing a warm smile with a stranger or lending a helping hand, the Carton Of Raspberries Ornament is a beautiful emblem of the generosity and fragility that define the human spirit. This season, let your Christmas tree tell a story of kindness, one delicate raspberry at a time.

Text on Old World hang tag: Raspberries are a symbol of kindness in Christian art. Their red juice signifies the heart where kindness originates. Raspberries are a delicate fruit, so they symbolize fragility as well. Raspberries are thought to have medicinal benefits, especially associated with pregnancy and childbirth."

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