Carrot Farmer Cade

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC33167
Carrot Farmer Cade

Carrot Farmer Cade

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC33167
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Product Description
  • Size: 8.5x3"
  • Material: Resin & Paper Pulp
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company
Once upon a springtime, in a picturesque field of carrots, there was a remarkable figure named Carrot Farmer Cade, brought to life by the creative mind of Lori Mitchell. This peculiar farmer had a height that seemed to reach the clouds, making his bell bottom overalls appear comically short, barely grazing his knees. But that didn't deter him from his noble mission of harvesting the most succulent carrots for the upcoming Easter bunny party.

Carrot Farmer Cade was a true testament to determination and passion. With his trusty straw hat, cleverly designed with holes to accommodate his long bunny ears, he toiled diligently in the field. From dawn till dusk, he plucked carrots from the rich earth, his cheeks becoming rosy with each hour of hard work.

There was something enchanting about the sight of Carrot Farmer Cade amidst the carrot patch, a picture of pure dedication. Perhaps it was the way he whistled a merry tune, filling the air with a melody that harmonized with the rustle of leaves and the buzz of bees. Or maybe it was the genuine joy radiating from his heart as he carefully filled his basket with the most delectable orange treasures.

His slender and distinctive Lori Mitchell appearance only added to his charm. There was an undeniable appeal in his tall, thin frame that captured the imagination and adoration of all who beheld him. Carrot Farmer Cade was the epitome of the bunny spirit, embodying the love for carrots that resonated with the Easter Bunny and his furry companions.

So, as you explore the whimsical world of Lori Mitchell's creations, prepare to fall in love with Carrot Farmer Cade, the towering figure whose passion for carrots is matched only by his dedication to the Easter festivities. His presence in your collection will be a delightful reminder of the joy and hard work that goes into making Easter celebrations truly special.

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